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BlackBerry Individual Messages On Lockscreen

BlackBerry View Content Individual Messages Just Outside Lockscreen: To see all your notification you simply touch the icon of it to ignore the soaring from right to left. 
BlackBerry View Content Individual Messages Just Outside Lockscreen
BlackBerry 10.2 is an update that you use BlackBerry 10 is waiting because it promises to be more exciting than the last and one of them is the ability to display the contents of each notification just outside the lock screen. 

More specifically, a member from a site CrackBerry have published a video showing his Z10 have shown in detail the contents of the message. 

This is a very worth while addition of BlackBerry because users can now see every detail without losing messages to unlock the machine. 

Known apart from above features the BlackBerry has a new 10.2 that more users will be able to interact directly with the notification bar but here is specific email or text message. 

Better when we have a new message or new email we will reply immediately easy to just touch the bar at the top. 

10.2 The BlackBerry is still in the development stage and trial, what you can see in the video below is just a leak .

Latest Photos iPad Mini 2nd Generation

Latest Photos iPad Mini 2nd Generation: Based on the published pictures you can see Apple not produce any significant differences in the design iPad mini new compared to the first generation.
Latest Photos iPad Mini 2nd Generation
Earlier, the media has exploited a number of images iPhone 5C Phones Apple cheaper which discovered more notable product is equipped with 8 megapixel camera as the iPhone 5.

This information shows that iPhone 5C to the mid-range segment with configuration rice bowl worth it is not a popular product like Nokia Lumia 520.

Currently public opinion expects Apple will launch phones on the same high-end version of the iPhone 5S coming September.

Pay iPhone Buy Getting About Two Apples

Pay iPhone Buy Getting About Two Apples: According to local police 21-year-old girl Ad posting on a website about wanting to buy a few iPhone.
Pay iPhone Buy Getting About Two Apples
Not long after they announce the news a woman called in and said there are two phones that you need.

The two arranged to meet at a fast food restaurant McDonald transaction. She paid $ 1,500 and received two boxes  iPhone look like new but it does not check what's inside. 

When buyers go back home opened the box and saw the apples in it not the iPhone .

Specialist police units Jess Hopkin from crime prevention alert people when shopping online. Most people are doing the right thing but just smart with your purchase , he said.

SKY HD9500 Smartphone Difficult Buying

SKY HD9500 Smartphone Difficult Buying: It is true that matter is beyond our projected mirrored orders for supply of three can not keep up a number of agents to provide larger number of old orders.
SKY HD9500 Smartphone Difficult Buying
Mr Tan also added that suppliers can only provide a maximum air volume of 20,000 machines / month while the number of buyers throughout the company system which is more than 50 branch exceeds this figure.

Therefore, some dealers and customers have to wait longer is unavoidable but Tan said he always preferred company for customer products registered by the deposit of cash or through the register phone.

This also avoids discrediting the company's future.

Its products HD9500 SKY skyphone always in a state are not enough of because it is the turn of its models when equipped with powerful configuration ultra-thin design with Full HD camera

Samsung Galaxy Note III And SmartWatch Introduced

Samsung Galaxy Note III And SmartWatch Introduced: Moreover, in addition to Note III is most likely a completely new device will also be introduced. 
Samsung Galaxy Note III And SmartWatch Introduced
Back up to date last year Samsung introduced the Galaxy Note II ahead of the exhibition IFA 2012 and this year many sources that they will do the same with Note III . 

But last but not strange that is Samsung SmartWatch a clever clock that we have recently speculated. 

Asia Economic sources said at the exact moment is coming September 4th ahead of IFA 2013 held in Berlin Germany. 

Information about the configuration of Note III is not clear it is rumored that it will have screen 5.7 with 3GB RAM and processor Exynos 5.

Samsung Introduces App Folder Software Helps To Icons Windows Phone Screen

Samsung Introduces App Folder Software Helps Icons Windows Phone Screen: This is a quite essential feature especially for those who use software. 
Samsung Introduces App Folder Software Helps To Icons Windows Phone Screen
Somehow the grouping feature on the software icon on the main screen for each specific folder is not Microsoft equipped Windows Phone. 

To address this need the Samsung has its own solution and recently they have provided users with Windows Phone software called App Folder. 

This software is very simple and only address the needs mentioned above which is provided for free on Windows Phone Store . 

Interpret section on Windows Phone Store not claim to have seen what new equipment is running but few people 've tried and it seems this software only runs on Samsung phones. 

Anyway, it's free what crime did not try it for yourself

Google Glass Turned Visually Impaired

Google Glass Turned Visually Impaired: OpenGlass project using smart sunglasses Google Glass to help the visually impaired can identify objects around them through the camera lens and headset. 
Google Glass Turned Visually Impaired
These people will wear Google Glass and while holding that item on hand they simply ask what is this glass will immediately answer down load from Twitter and headphones to emit them. 

One other function that is Memento used to inform the wearer know around what they have things that are not dangerous pre recorded by the words in the given context. 

First question and answer function via Twitter people wearing glasses when handling items up and asked What is this the camera lens will capture it and put the item on Twitter after it answers down load and read for visually impaired listeners. 

This function works in anywhere as long as there is Internet connection. Momento second function this request must be pre-set. 

For example, a parent or loved one they will wear in, walked around the room looking at the disclosures required items then record the words Their message such as this is the coffee maker this is the desk the computer on the left to the right printer or this is the office laser printer be careful. 

Then when the blind glasses on and walked into the room when they walked to the area of the Google Glass items and remember this stuff it will play back the body of a message recorded earlier. 

You can watch the video below for better understanding.

Yahoo RockMelt Browser Developers Social Networking Features

Yahoo RockMelt Browser Developers Social Networking Features: RockMelt said that since 31/8, all their apps for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows 8, as well as the official website will stop working. 
Yahoo RockMelt Browser Developers Social Networking Features
Yahoo recently said that they have acquired RockMelt the company wrote off the browser of the same name have the ability to tightly integrate with Facebook. 

Users from here to there time to save your data. From now on they will not accept any new users to participate using their products. 

RockMelt thanks to customers because taught us many things. And we will apply all these things to work at Yahoo. The Yahoo is saying that they will RockMelt integrates technology into its platform no specific application contemplated. 

RockMelt is a small startup company founded in 2010 experience with the product is a browser have the ability to integrate content from Facebook alongside normal web content . 

After unsuccessful in attracting many users as originally intended a few months ago the company decided to stop development of the browser. 

Instead their focus shifted writing app for mobile devices that feature displays content from social networks to interface magazine as Flipboard. 

Yahoo did not disclose the value of acquisitions RockMelt however according to All Things D website the more money that Yahoo would be about 60 to 70 million. 

In recent months Yahoo has acquired many small and medium companies in addition to the company also acquired social network Tumblr.

Android 4.3 On Nexus 4 Errors Caused

Android 4.3 On Nexus 4 Errors Caused: Since that time smartphone users Nexus 4 began to encounter some error Software. 
Android 4.3 On Nexus 4 Errors Caused
Even in the version release date Android 4.3 new Google also released an update via wireless to form the Nexus line of devices including the Galaxy Nexus,Nexus 4, Nexus 7 and Nexus 10.

Immediately after installation multiple Nexus 4 can not complete the boot process that constantly gets stuck at the screen with the Google logo and logo Nexus. 

Some other users through the steps but a few small features not logical operation such as the soft keys are malfunctioning with lock code does not work.

More seriously, there are cases where the PC's processor speed is reduced to zero or use the multi-touch feature does not work. In addition, theerror reflected the remaining issues, including cellular, applications and user data from loss etc.

A further problem is quite sore after updating to Android 4.3 Some machines Nexus 4 overheating when being used. The final solution it seems to solve the problem but caused no less painful to reset that user's machine.

Of course, not every user to update Android 4.3 also encounter error Such discomfort. 

The good news for Google is that the company has held a numbererrorand may release a small patch in a short time probably Android 4.3 .1 to correct the error notification.

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