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Betting Of PC Board Touch Screen May Have Failed

Betting Of PC Board Touch Screen May Have Failed: But this is probably a mistake by Microsoft by research firm IDC number of sensors embedded laptops can be assigned to be much lower than what the manufacturer had expected. 
Betting Of PC Board Touch Screen May Have Failed
Bob O'Donnell an analyst from IDC said that his company had predicted 17-18% laptops will have touchscreens this year but have to admit IDC now estimates that this is too high and it may be only about 10-15%. Research firm NPD specializes DisplayResearch screen also provides forecasts similar numbers, namely 12%.

According to Tami Reller time she also served as CFO of Microsoft in January this year, saying that directly supply too little. 

Reller said customer demand far exceeds supply capacity from the OEM. Did she like it if the laptop is integrated touchscreen produced larger quantities of this market situation will be better. 

But it is the story of 3 months after Windows 8 launches. And now, after half a year from the statement of Teller and 9 months since the operating system was born, the situation is not much better.

One of the reasons for this problem is the price. O'Donnell said that the price of laptop and PC with touchscreen too high last year is between $ 699 and $ 799. 

Range is much higher even double no-touch laptop. That goes against the predicted decline that many analysts had given birth before Windows 8.

Also, according to O'Donnell the customer does not see the value of owning a PC with touch screen. Touch not appeal to the masses. Currently there are not many applications that require the user to touch the touch feel touch screen is necessary. 

This is the situation that we have seen in recent years. Windows 8 the lack of high-quality applications running in the environment Modern Touch UI . In other words, the ecosystem of Microsoft lacks charisma it is not enough to cause users to abandon the keyboard and mouse as well as the old Windows app.

IDC suggests that in the short term, Microsoft should help its hardware partners by focusing on a computer without a touch screen. 

In fact Microsoft has also taken action aimed at this, as the typical Start button and add the option to boot straight to Windows 8.1 desktop environment. IDC said that Microsoft needs to do more things such as adding the Start Menu option enabled as previous Windows versions. 

Only such new measures to help OEMs reduce worry about the business PC running Windows.

Digital Media Exceed TV Will Soon

Digital Media Exceed TV Will Soon: This result is slightly different than the people of England when an estimated 4 hours they spent watching TV up from 3 hours 42 minutes in 2004.
Digital Media Exceed TV Will Soon
According to the survey of market research firm Marketer on average in 2013 a major in the U.S. will spend more than 5 hours a day to hang out on the internet or in the pages of digital media while last year only 4 hours 31 minutes spent sitting in front of the TV.

Meanwhile, according to PQ Media report consumer digital media worldwide will increase by 11.8% in 2013 brought about a 2-digit profits for the industry, including online video media and games, social networking.

But consumption of traditional media in 2013 will decline 1.3%, notably television TV no significant growth while continuing editions fall into the decline, forcing many newspapers have closure or downsizing.

While traditional media still attract a large consumer in 2012 but the rate of transition to digital type Some have accelerated markedly especially among young people to expand market share has doubled in just 5 years.

As a result, sales of digital communications is on the verge of double-digit growth with 13.6% in the traditional business only about 2.2% business growth.

The survey marked an important turning point in world media, online shows are quickly overshadowed and shaken the traditional business, as it was not until the 90s of the last century people must also exercise and a miserable market for bulky desktop computers can be present in every home.

Itself the advent of computer technology, internet and broadband connectivity has enabled the creation of the mining market media digital is slowly shaping a new global lifestyle.

Lower costs, expand relationships simple customization and most importantly be able to connect with anyone anywhere no network to store the information and communication increases exponentially people.

Also from this new form of empire, such as Apple , Google or Samsung, emphasizing personal and expanding business opportunities for the gradual free ball state bringing the market closer to the market model perfect competition.

In addition, the survey also reflects a clear consumer trend: In the past three decades a middle-class family often means a TV is present the 10-year-old child with theater hoay computer keyboard or touch and glide smoothly on the smartphone is priced collection may even cost more than the TV.

This shows that electronic devices are bringing the digital experience for rich new middle class is growing and easily accept the change.

This is a very potential market for the leading retailer of digital platforms while traditional forms of racing continues to preserve its survival.

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