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Microsoft Games Windows Live Cease

Microsoft Games Windows Live Cease: A few days ago, Jason Holtman, Steam has experts on the military strategy game for the array of Microsoft and today this information Games for Windows Live next year.
Microsoft Games Windows Live Cease

This is an online service that allows PC gamers can communicate make friends with each other to exchange information and to play the game similar to Origin, Steam. 

Games for Windows Live (GFWL) was born on 29/5/2007 and will officially cease operations on 01.07.2014, enjoy life 7-year-old, the last time Microsoft updates for this application over 1 year ago on 7/7/2012. 

From here until the company was closed for the operation continues to serve GFWL players. thus likely to close after the Games for Windows Live they will launch a new service or attractive more reasonable? 

Or who knows when Microsoft will always include online services for PC game on XBox Live for clear console One Xbox and x86 platforms using the PC to the transition game for two platforms a lot easier.

ASUS Motherboards World's First Thunderbolt Introduced

ASUS Motherboards World's First Thunderbolt Introduced: ASUS has officially introduced the motherboard with its new connectivity feature Thunderbolt 2 new Intel introduced last June. 
ASUS Motherboards World's First Thunderbolt Introduced
Thus, this is the first product in the world Thunderbolt 2 20Gb/giay transmission speeds and more improvements over the first generation. 

Motherboard ATX ASUS has included 4 channel Z87-Deluxe/Quad Thunderbolt 10Gb/giay into 2 channel bidirectional 20Gb/giay for 4 times the speed with port USB 3.0 or 6 times now compared to standard 6 SATA SSD hard drive. 

With such speed, the motherboard is capable of connecting to two 4K resolution screen at the same time. 

In addition to connecting high-speed Thunderbolt 2, this motherboard integrated Intel Haswell , 10 6 SATA ports 8 USB 3.0, 3 x PCIe 3.0/2.0 16. 

ASUS also equipped with accessories available NFC Express for users who want to use short-range connections were common on the Android smartphone. 

Unfortunately ASUS has not announced the price and selling time Z87-Deluxe/Quad ATX motherboard.

Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard iPad Introduced

Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard  iPad Introduced: Logitech has introduced a Bluetooth keyboard for another mini iPad Apple named Ultrathin Keyboard Folio. 
Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard  iPad Introduced
Besides keyboards the company specializes in accessories also introduced the shell protects the dock for help building machines called Protective Folio Case. 

Accessory Wireless Keyboard New Logitech placed in an outer wall covering for both the keyboard and the iPad mini with waterproof material. 

Overall the wireless keyboard is made ​​slightly larger than the iPad mini to help users manipulate the keyboard easier, especially in the two side edges of the keys. 

Logitech says the keyboard is thin and light today, locking mechanism SecureLock not particularly help iPad mini crashed when used with this accessory. 

Carrier said keyboard will cost $ 89.99 when sold, ie price equal to their keyboard version introduced in March last. 

Also Ultrathin Keyboard Folio Protective Folio Case Logitech also helps build machines for iPad mini in various poses, as well as to protect the screen when not in use. 

This accessory is $ 49.99 and will be available both from the end of August.

Asus Memo Pad HD7 King Of Cheap Tablet

Asus Memo Pad HD7 King Of Cheap Tablet: Asus continues to attack the tablet market in Vietnam with cheap upgrade it with HD screen, quad-core chip with a higher price only a million. 
Asus Memo Pad HD7 King Of Cheap Tablet
Asus Memo Pad HD7 was officially introduced at the Computex trade show in June 2013, has landed the Vietnam market and are cheap tablets selling in many major dealers.

Holistically, Asus Memo Pad HD7 gives users the feeling of a finished product, less waste and more compact. First, not to mention smooth design on the back of the HD7 Memo Pad. 

This design eye-catching machine compared to Nexus 7 or the Memo Pad but its drawback is the fingerprint machine is easy to grip and can slip away at any time .

There is a confusing side of the machine is designed with a lot of cuts wounds created wood that looks pretty bad. 

If such products as the iPad mini only a single cut or the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 chosen to use a fake metal contour the Memo Pad HD7 rounded up to 2 thick cuts around the screen grabs of the. 

Also because of this cut, the power button and volume up of the machine can not be put back in the side but somewhat strangely backwards. 

Perhaps, designed to help users handle with one hand and press easier. However, if not used, you will be very hard to curious and click the button.

The only other player on the top edge are micro-USB port and put the headphone jack in addition to the remaining edges are seamless with no connection to any port. 

Speaker placement also shows how intelligent design of the Asus. The back of the machine to the side slightly bent the right speaker is placed on the curve that leads to even if you put the back face down on the table this speaker is not hidden away helped sound out out spontaneously.

Cheap Smartphone Worth Buying

Cheap Smartphone Worth Buying: Lumia 520 owners greater design harkened from high end smart phones on the market owns 4 inch screen WVGA resolution, 8GB of memory and 5 megapixel camera resolution. 
Cheap Smartphone Worth Buying
With the dual-core processor clocked at 1GHz, Lumia 520 has good ability to handle all applications.

With Lumia 720, Nokia has equipped this fashion crickets a Qualcomm dual-core processor clocked at 1GHz, with 512MB RAM enough to run well all applications of the operating system from Microsoft.

Capture the stylish SmartShoot, Cinemagraph and Panorama. Camera following resolution 6.7 megapixels with wide angle lens, using lenses lens manufacturer Carl Zeiss the world's leading technology good low-light imaging, 

High image quality, help you with the pictures whether you are the most beautiful in the anywhere.
Cheap Smartphone Worth Buying
The full name of this model is Sky Vega 4G LTE IM-A800S and manufactured by Pantech (Korea). However, this model can be used well with all GSM mobile networks in Vietnam, supports 3G. 

Sky A800s from Korea to run Android 2.3 with 1.5 GHz dual-core configuration, 4.5 HD screen equipped with impressive inchsNhung at Sky Vega IM-A800S is 8 Megapixel camera support Full HD video recording support.

Hacker Walls Of Facebook Security Error

Hacker Walls Of Facebook Security Error: Interesting story error three times Palestinian hacker named Khalil Shreateh hackers are passed each other on the website and forum in the weekend 17-8.
Hacker Walls Of Facebook Security Error
When the error discovered in the fil compose.php on the website Facebook Khalil Shreateh tried to tell security team of Facebook but three times removed because they can not determine fault, according to his personal blog Khalik announced details of email communication.

To demonstrate, a hacker sent straight content (post) error message on account of Executive Director (CEO) Facebook Mark Zuckerberg, even though you only have to be able to do this.

Shortly after borrowing a wall (Wall) CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Engineer's security Facebook has quickly Khalil contact details to receive errors but said Khalil will not receive a bonus security error because his actions were in violation of the privacy policy of Facebook .

Similar to Google, Facebook has security program receive reward error Bug Bounty Program. 

As of May 8-2013, Bug Bounty has awarded more than a million dollars for a total of 329 people including hackers security professionals and students have reported errors in the products services and applications of Facebook . 

Until now, the highest award of Facebook is $ 20,000 for a serious error may account accounts Facebook via SMS without interaction from the victim.

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