Thursday, 22 August 2013

Windows 8.1 Phone Microsof Testing

Windows 8.1 Phone Microsof Testing: Recently, a Chinese programmer presence of a device running Windows Phone OS version 8.10.12166 with data on 10 sentences application developed by him. 
Windows 8.1 Phone Microsof Testing
Version WP8 GDR2 latest current is 8.0.10328.78 and with a jump of 8.10.xxxx is more likely this is the version of Windows Phone 8.1 is Microsoft internal testing. Islamic June, also announced WMPoweruser a case similar to the version Windows Phone 8 .10.12076.0. 

In the meantime, download wallpaper app on WP Store is famous Love Wallpapers HD also receive mysterious device with version 8.10.12073.0, 8.10.12086.0, 8.10.12100 and 8.10.12102.0. 

So, from the steady increase in the number of versions that can say WP8.1 Microsoft is being steadily developed. 

It is unclear when this update is released by the end of this year Microsoft will launch WP8 GDR3 more features and bug fixes that users feedback. 

Hopefully Microsoft has found its slowness and WP8.1 will soon come to the user at least early next year. During the waiting time let's look at a Windows Phone 8.1 is the concept users perform. 

This is what is lacking and Microsoft user wishes to change the WP platform can strongly compete with iOS and Android.

Yahoo Most Visited Website In U.S.

Yahoo Most Visited Website In U.S.: ComScore recently announced the list of top 50 most visited websites in the U.S. in 7/2013 and surprise when Yahoo was the number 1 usurpation of Google. 
Yahoo Most Visited Website In U.S.
Thus, from May 2011 until now this is the first time Google was defeated by Yahoo. More specifically, in 7/2013 196 564 000 people in the U.S. have access to Web sites owned by Yahoo while this number with the Google site is 192 251 000. 

ComScore noted that some of users accessing Yahoo data will be taken from the following website: Yahoo Finance , Yahoo? News, Flickr , Yahoo Answers. 

ComScore also said that figure does not include 196 564 000 in the number of visitors to Tumblr which has been acquired Yahoo so if including Tumblr, then that number will increase more. 

Currently we do not have specific parameters of the Yahoo web services are accessed the most. Obviously this is a very positive information for Yahoo, especially for female CEO Marissa Mayer. 

The Yahoo web services attracted a large number of users have access to see the return of the powerful Yahoo and also pointed out the significant effect that Mayer has brought. 

These include the biggest change is the innovative new interface to Flickr or Yahoo Weather app on iOS and Android. 

Since Yahoo CEO took office in 2012 Marissa has a lot of action brought freshness to the acquisition of the company as a variety of corporations the potential startup or most recently plans to change its logo. 

It can be seen that, Marissa looking to revive Yahoo is a moss apart and it looks like everything is going very smoothly for her.

Microsoft Search Engine And Found No RT Surface

Microsoft Own Search Engine And Found No RT Surface: Besides, Bing for schools includes many filters and strict confidentiality for subjects that students use. 
Microsoft Own Search Engine And Found No RT Surface
Just implement the plan, Microsoft has collected more than 800,000 students in the United States. Expected in the future the school will be equipped with teaching conducted remotely via Surface RT.

Strategy of Microsoft experts are prized for the Bing search rather limited compared to Google, but it becomes advantage of Bing than Google by the user as a student here. 

In parallel with the development RT Free Surface Bing for Schools is implementing a program to attract users equally it is encouraging teachers and students to use Bing as much as possible to earn bonus points. 

Although Microsoft Surface to not sound like doing charity but really this is a marketing strategy to start with the Microsoft. First, RT Surface advertise more. Second, help reduce inventory Surface is dull. 

Tuesday, calling for spending Bing users to earn points increasing visitor use Bing.

Everything sounds convenient and easy but with the technology market and the rapid growth of other services are launched multiple attacks prmotional ploy. 

Design thinking, only time will tell whether Microsoft will ever sink in to Windows shadow minister before or have more success or not.

Box Up 10GB Storage For Users

Box Up 10GB Storage For Users: Thus, Box is a provider of cloud storage solutions wide compared to most other competitors such as SkyDrive Dropbox (2GB), Amazon Cloud Drive (5GB) and Apple iCloud (5GB). 
Box Up 10GB Storage For Users
Google then give users 15GB free storage space but it is shared between Drive Gmail and Google+ Photos. 

Previously Box has also opened several waves allows users to permanently upgrade the capacity of the 50GB or 25GB without costs. 

It is also given 50GB of free collaboration for users of mobile devices from Sony and LG.

On this occasion, Starter Box launched a new package aimed at small businesses with 100GB capacity. 

Starter package costs $ 5 per user per month, supports up to 10 people. 

Box added that its service is 20,000,000 was spent by users and 180,000 businesses across the globe.

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