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MakerBot Digitizer Scanner Machine Photocopy 3D Objects

MakerBot Digitizer 3D Objects: Digitizer is a scanner, 3D objects which can scan almost any object which up to a 3D drawing then transferred into 3D printer and print out a copy of such identical. 
MakerBot Digitizer Scanner Machine Photocopy 3D Objects
This is a product of the company MakerBot was first introduced in March this year but at that time it was in prototype form made ​​of wood and are very primitive. 

Manufacturers have recently announced the official price and date of sale and is accompanied by images of a complete Digitizer. 

Machine orders are priced $ 1,400 and will be available in mid-October of this. Digitizer advantage of a compact easy to carry a lot of traveling. 

However, because it can only be that the scan is not too large items with sizes in the range 8x8 refill only. 

Machines work best with objects that do not have the glossy surface. Users just need to put items into the machine and press the scan button the base underneath will start to rotate around and shoot the entire body with a laser is complete. 

Next, if you want in, you have to buy a printer 3D again MakerBot also always if you agree to purchase at a price of $ 2,200. See the video below to see how active digitizer.

MacBook Air And MacBook Pro Retina PNY Launches

MacBook Air And MacBook Pro Retina PNY Launches: The portable computer generation of Apple include the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro Retina is designed.
MacBook Air And MacBook Pro Retina PNY Launches
To solve this problem the past PNY has launched its solutions with the release of the memory card is extremely compact dimensions and capacities up to 128GB. 

The full name of this product is the StorEdge then it is essentially an SD card but shorter size the memory card into a slot on the MacBook, it fit in there does not bulge should not cause discomfort while traveling transfer. 

PNY is now sold 2 versions different memory capacities, 64GB StorEdge cost $ 100 while the 128GB version is priced at $ 200.

BlackBerry Not Easy To Go Bankrupt

BlackBerry Not Easy To Go Bankrupt: BlackBerry is not much value, especially its value will decline as it has its own sale. 
BlackBerry Not Easy To Go Bankrupt
You will kill a business when you own your company for sale Brian Huen its analysis Red Sky Capital Management commented.

No partner is interested in buying the entire BlackBerry. Maybe this time the BlackBerry is necessary to calculate the partial dissolution and sold separately to maximize value.

Analysts said that BlackBerry can not revive businesses smartphone and its dissolution is inevitable.

The phone hardware segment the largest source of revenue of the BlackBerry but the $ 800 million valuation but basically it is not worth anything because most acquisitions partner if BlackBerry will delete Book by integrating it into their own technology.

However, patents, array software network security of the BlackBerry are valued at over $ 1 billion for each array and its current is still about $ 2.8 billion in cash. 

According to some analysts this amount is more than enough to help BlackBerry not being bankrupt.

Microsoft Shares CEO Believes Soon

Microsoft Shares CEO Believes Soon: Steve Ballmer, who served as CEO at Microsoft since 2000, recently made ​​the decision to retire in round 1 next year from this point. 
Microsoft Shares CEO Believes Soon
This information has been Microsoft officially announced.

The resignation is a difficult decision but this is the most appropriate time for Microsoft looking for a new leader personally Ballmer said in his speech. Microsoft has embarked on war corporate services reform. 

Microsoft aims to become a company of services and facilities and we need a new CEO for the new target. 

This orientation was also Microsoft announced mid last month. Accordingly, the entire group will be divided into 4 main groups including the operating system, and entertainment devices applications and services and cloud businesses.

Following the decision the company has appointed a special council to first look for a new leader. 

The council headed by John Thompson and will have the participation of former CEO Bill Gates. 

In addition, after the release transmitted, shares Microsoft has increased by 9%.

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