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Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer For Nearly After Retirement

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer For Nearly After Retirement: After Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer confirmed would resign within 12 months the market has immediately received positive with an increase of nearly 10% share price.
Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer For Nearly After Retirement
Some information is also financial world, said the decision to retire, 333 million shares he owns Ballmer will be entitled to sell to the public.

Ballmer If he decides to sell these shares, he will own 840 million, according SPCapitalIQ.

Mr. Ballmer is now a dollar billionaire. He was ranked 51 in the world and 22 in the United States.

March this year, Forbes said his net asset value of U.S. $ 15.2 billion.

Phone k900 Super Camera's Settings

Phone k900 Super Camera's Settings: Lenovo k900 is equipped with an imaging software that comes fairly stable with more features or called Super Camera. 
Phone k900 Super Camera's Settings
A guy on XDA have separate apk file of this software and so we can install it on the machine Android other. 

Android is happy, if you have nothing good machine, the machine sooner or later someone else will have to try Super Camera then simply download the attached file below and copy it to the phone installed as a normal software. 

Super Camera runs well on Android 4.1 or 4.2.1, with the machine running Android 4.2.2 and Android 4.3, there are some functions do not work.

Sky Smartphone Surprise For Users

Skyphone Smartphone Surprise For Users: A relatively new name in the field of smartphones with the launch of the phone has an HDMI connection Limo last year. 
Sky Smartphone Surprise For Users
Skyphone, product development firms to continue to exercise caution when making phone market Sky Nano with strong improvement.

Sky product called Nano was introduced as the most unique phones, possesses unmatched features appear on the smartphone available in the market. 

It can playback content on TV screens, GPS global positioning independently with integrated chipset

Other unique features, the machine has the ability to operate like a desktop PC when connected to a monitor mouse and keyboard. Then, the user can use the Android operating system with no other experience on a laptop.

Besides the ability to work on interesting Skyphone said their smartphone will be equipped with impressive hardware, such as 4 cores processor, up to 2 GB RAM and 20 GB of internal memory. 4.7 inch screen with a resolution of 1,280 x 720 pixels and use of toughened Gorilla Glass protection.

Camera 13 dots will use sensors with high sensitivity and fast imaging speed comes standard video quality Full HD 1920,1080p. 

Equipped with multiple sensors, such as light, compass, balance.

Sky said Skyphone Nano ultra-thin smartphone market right eye Sera July this year at just 4.9 million. 

The biggest obstacle Skyphone brand is not strong enough to make the consumer can trust absolutely but the interest of the majority of customers is the biggest incentive for firms can gradually change the perception of consumers about a new generation Smartphone,Smartphone class for the Vietnam.

Sony Xperia Z1 Certified Water Resistant,

Sony Xperia Z1 Certified Water Resistant: The Sony Honami also known as Xperia Z1 been rumored for so long is resistant to water or not. 
Sony Xperia Z1 Certified Water Resistant,
Sony has recently stated by posting a photo on Facebook described a phone designed like Xperia Z with the words prepared to shoot splashed. 

It also attach the hashtag # bestofSony same photo unveiled yesterday. Currently Sony has an invitation to attend the event to introduce new products on May 4 Honami/Z1 9 and most likely will be released here. 

Subtlety will continue to move you the latest news regarding this device. 

Honami Also related, a Chinese website has recently put out a press photo of the device, it will suggest There are three color options black, white and purple varieties Xperia Z . 

We also see the next letter G in terms of camera equipment, that rumor about Sony G lens Honami is used correctly.

Bing Search Engine Help Shopping Easier Product

Bing Search Engine Help Shopping Easier Product: Microsoft said that over the next few months the site search Bing of them will be upgraded to better serve the needs of online shopping. 
Bing Search Engine Help Shopping Easier Product
Specifically, when you type a name tag an item Bing will direct display of item information including footnotes consumer reviews and price have in stock or not and the the site also has a picture of every other product equivalent item that you are looking for. 

Also, the Bing ads also places are only about promotion or discounts on such items. Two most important information of an item is out of stock and the price or not. 

Bing should both understand that this information will be displayed in the results list search of each site as well. 

You only need to glance briefly compare prices between sites and sales from the Bing choosing where to buy without having to open a web page to each. 

Overall, this is a very good shopping experience because it helps us focus on the important information in one place, helping us shopping easy and saves time compared to a traditional surfing.

Windows Vista Shame Of Steve Ballmer's Largest

Windows Vista Shame Of Steve Ballmer's Largest: CEO of Microsoft Steve Ballmer has officially announced he will retire during the next year until the company finds a successor.
Windows Vista Shame Of Steve Ballmer's Largest
Shortly after the above statement the famous editor of the site ZDNet Mary Jo Foley had a brief chat with the CEO of this character to learn about Ballmer's memories after a long time to stick with him industry and software giant Microsoft's next plan.

Ballmer shared shame of his greatest work during Microsoft's for Windows Vista - Windows version released in 2007 and received a lot of negative feedback from users.

However, for those who understand the industry, perhaps his biggest mistake was the failure to grasp the development trend of the smartphone boom. 

It is typical, Ballmer has announced closed columns so sure that the iPhone will not be able to gain market share (2007). 

In fact, it is considered as products change the way people use mobile devices creating the premise for a fixed period which Apple CEO called post-PC.

Nokia Lumia Smartphone will launch

Nokia Lumia Smartphone will launch: Chris Weber, deputy chief executive of Nokia, said the company is focusing on the launch of the smartphone under 170 USD. 
Nokia Lumia Smartphone will launch
In addition, image editing application Instagram can also occur in the near future.

Windows Mobile Phone is targeted at low prices since its Nokia partnership with Microsoft. In Vietnam the Lumia 520 for $ 3.8 million is the best selling smartphone in this group.

In addition to the low group products Nokia is focusing on the premium segment with the strongest product on camera Lumia 1020 model is expected to be sold in the U.S. and other countries will come later this year.

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