Sunday, 25 August 2013

Android Smartphone Users At Risk Of Attack

Android Smartphone Users At Risk Of Attack: Notice issued on 23/7 by DHS and FBI, Android the mobile operating system the most popular in the world continues to be the object of attack by the market share and open architecture of it.
Android Smartphone Users At Risk Of Attack
In the announcement, said: 44% of Android users are still using version 2.3.3 to 2.3.7 - or Gingerbread - was launched in 2011 and exists many security holes have been patched in later versions.

Android leads market smartphones with 80% global market share. Although used more in the consumer market instead of the market, DHS and FBI warnings software needs to be updated rapidly as more and more authorities for Android.

The two agencies launched a number of people at risk are older versions of Android users including viruses can send messages without the user knowing it, causing high phone bill surprises Rootkit tool to record the location and user password domain name Google Play fake, trick users into installing malicious software infection for hackers to steal sensitive information.

The latest version of Android 4.3 - Jelly Bean is considered safer to have preinstalled feature allows users to scan installed applications to detect signs of malicious code.

Microsoft Pressure To Transfer power

Microsoft Pressure To Transfer power: He confidently asserted, We are embarking on a new strategy with a new organization and we have a team of great senior leadership.
Microsoft Pressure To Transfer power
However, he has not revealed who will replace her.

The announcement of CEO Ballmer signaled to Microsoft about to undergo a transfer of power to pursue new development strategies. A month ago the group has also revealed changes in the future. 

According to CNN, the leadership was driven Microsoft focusing on development of hardware products and services provided online via interactive touch screen. 

Indeed, the growth of competitors and technological trends that Microsoft must inevitably change, if not regressed. On the hardware side despite trying very hard but the line tablet Surface has not yet achieved impressive results against opponents. Meanwhile, this is a growing trend strongly. 

On the other hand, Google's Chrome operating system dominate from mobile phones to tablets and even been expanded to the laptop. 

In addition, the trend of cloud computing services are playing a more important role in the development strategies of most modern information technology in the world.

So, what Microsoft have to overcome a lot to this group should have a strategic restructuring, long-term development. 

To implement such a strategy, CNN quoted CEO Ballmer said that he should retire to Microsoft have a new general manager capable of pursuing long-term strategy. 

I will work closely with other members of the board to find a great CEO. According to CNN the founder of Microsoft Bill Gates will also actively participate in the search for a new leader for the group.

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