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Nokia Sirius 10.1 Inch Tablet Running Windows

Nokia Sirius 10.1 Inch Tablet Running Windows: According to a source close to Nokia the Finnish phone company is preparing to launch the first tablet with 10.1-inch size using RT.  
Nokia Sirius 10.1 Inch Tablet Running Windows
Windows operating system code-named Sirius. In terms of design Sirius will bring the look of Lumia smartphones.

Expected Lumia Sirius will have Full HD 1920x1080 pixel display, integrated technology show clear images even outdoors. 

The back of the camera has a resolution of 6-MP, 2 MP front camera. Sirius will use quad-core processor Qualcomm Snap Dragon 800, 2GB RAM, LTE connectivity support. Machine can operate continuously 10 hours.

In addition, Sirius would support Micro SD memory cards up to 32GB, a Micro HDMI port and a Micro USB port.

According to The Verge Nokia also plans to produce more and charge the keyboard dock comes with Sirius. It is expected that the Nokia tablet will be released on 9/26 and the equivalent price of the Apple iPad.

HTC One Test Android 4.3 ROM Leaks

HTC One Test Android 4.3 ROM Leaks: Android 4.3 for HTC One at the end of September and now the installation of this update has been leaked online by nicknames LlabTooFeR programmers.
Android 4.3 ROM Leaks for the HTC One test
In the new version we are allowed to choose their own music as background for the video created by Highlights feature, in addition, the transit time in the video image will depend on the pace of soundtrack.

The task management and functional testing of network traffic is now carried out app drawer screen Wi-Fi icon Hotspot and innovation. Features Wi-Fi is turned on to serve for the purpose of positioning the Android 4.3 also appear.

Please note that the installer leaked today is just the internal beta pre-release only. HTC will likely add other new things before the company launched the official update. installed the new ROM Guide.

  • Download the ROM file here and copy it to the memory of the HTC ONe
  • Boot into recovery mode. If you do not know what the recovery is please reference topic about how to upgrade ROM and related issues .
  • Select the backup to backup the entire contents of the computer missed a problem, we can recover
  • Choose Install zip file> browse to the new file you downloaded
  • Choose flash, flash forward complete, restart your computer and start using

Market Growth Smartphone

Market Growth Smartphone: Report by IDC show Furniture smartphone sales volume in the Vietnam market in 2012 was 4 million. 
Market Growth Smartphone
This year, that number can go up to 6 million units. Theo to a report Titled Handbook on Vietnam's mobile market has been published by Appota - a unit of mobile content distribution Vietnam is a country with rapid growth of smartphones 2nd world just behind China.

According to reports from Appota, the number of Android devices available in Vietnam, by the end of 2012, is about 9 to 10 million units. The new iPhone is the most popular products in Vietnam. 

Accordingly, the number of iOS devices sold in Vietnam could reach 4 million units. Three quarters of them are iPhone.

iPhone is an iconic product for smartphones in Vietnam During the period 2009 - 2011 and Remain the number one position in the market at the moment. 

In Vietnam, Apple products are always respected and is a symbol of luxury and elegance. Trend loving Apple products only When changing the line Android phone with good configuration, Cheap appeared on the market.

The report of Apppota, iPhone currently accounts for about 40% smartphone market share in Vietnam, while Android with about 30 Different brands accounted for almost 60% of the rest mainly products from Samsung, LG, Q-Mobile and Hkphone.

As predicted, Android phones will continue to grow strongly accounting for about 80% smartphone market share in Vietnam for about 2 years.

Chinese Firm Shedding Accessories Apple Lost Market

Chinese Firm Shedding Accessories Apple Lost Market: The decline in market share of Apple in China are making thousands of units produced locally miserable accessories. 
Chinese Firm Shedding Accessories Apple Lost Market
At the present time, they are forced to shift to production of suitable accessories to the device products Samsung's tablet or domestic manufacturers.

The conversion of producing accessories for Samsung, Lenovo and numerous other Chinese phone companies make these units took a big charge Vincent Kwok - CEO of the production company's accessories in Guangzhou Magic Kingdom said.

The number of models released each year by Apple few manufacturers make such Kwok feel your breath because they only need to design a form or two accessories for the smartphone or tablet for long-term production. 

However, as sales of the iPhone, iPad plummeting in China the company was forced to develop a range of other accessories to form various sizes, different designs for brands such as ZTE, Xiaomi.

The market is shifting to Samsung and the Chinese brands so we are forced to expand the product line. 

This helps us reduce the risk. Just focus on Apple products is too dangerous at the moment, Mr Kwok said.

The market share of Apple iPhone products sold in China in June fell to 5%, while Samsung ranked number one with 18% as reported by Canalys on 9/8. IPad sales also fell 28% market share down sharply from 49% a year ago. 

Meanwhile, Samsung was able to expand its market share to 11% from 6%, calculated from the month 6/2012.

For those who like Giant Zhang co-founder Jison accessory maker Case the transition is not easy. The type of senior housing leather case for iPhone with over 300 currency price does not match the client group using low-level smartphones.

Although 70% of sales from the company's Han still come from Apple products, he said the company does not intend to rely on the iPhone and iPad. Apple has no new ideas, new designs. 

Rapidly changing market. If you do not change, you will die, said Han.

Core i3 Laptop Price For New School Year

Core i3 Laptop Price For New School Year: According to a survey of journalists, these models range from 7 to under 9 million that many supermarkets sold under the brand enough as Asus, Acer, HP, Lenovo, Dell.
Core i3 Laptop Price For New School Year
Equipped with Core i3 configuration - Configurable business world considered the majority of students priority by shopping with moderately priced affordable, fully configured for web surfing word processing, Basic graphics applications such as Photoshop.

Together, despite the price soft or in the form of installment purchase but buyers are still many supermarkets, electronics shop your bag with gifts accessories shopping coupons, antivirus software copyright from 1 to 3 years.

Equivalent promotions apply to senior product laptop. This move is said to drastically enlist attract customers in the computer shopping season of the year's busiest.

Here is the configuration of products sold under the Core i3 for $ 9 million refer to the address at the cheapest prices on the market today.

The configuration of the machine: Intel Core i3-2328M Processor (2.2GHz/3MB), 2GB RAM DDR3, 1600MHz (2 slots), SATA 500G HDD (5400rpm), Intel HD Graphics 3000 VGA. Asus X401A-WX441 using 14inch HD WLED screen, Webcam, Bluetooth, 6 cells battery, built-in Linux OS, weighing 2kg.
Core i3 Laptop Price For New School Year
Reference Price: 8.4 million.

HP Pavilion G4-2009TU Intel ® Core i3 CPU-2350M 2GB DDR3 RAM, 500GB HDD Serial ATA, DVDRW optical drive. Screen Size 14 nch LED-backlit HD BrightView Intel HD Graphics 3000 Graphics, 6 cells battery, weighing 2.19 kg.

Reference Price: 8.9 million.

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