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Apple Lock Your iPhone UDID And Not Add iOS Beta 7

Apple Lock Your iPhone UDID And Not Add iOS Beta 7: All this iPhone have in common that situation is to install iOS 7 Beta shift by 6 update from iOS to not add UDID. 
Apple Lock Your iPhone UDID And Not Add iOS Beta 7
Today some overseas website posted notice that Apple has begun to shut some iPhone running iOS Beta 7 deactivating the active state machine will stop at the active standby screen.

The problem is that I also received information from the users in Vietnam has also been a similar situation, the machine is used after access to it was deactivating wifi. 

It is possible that Apple is conducting decommissioning of the iPhone running iOS Beta 7 which is not registered in the list of device programmers. 

Therefore, to be sure then if you are using the Windows 7 Beta to iOS add UDID or data backup for sure. Recently, Apple has also increased the number of devices that programmers can add up to 200 devices UDID. 

Should you backup data with iTunes, iCloud by now. If careful, you can turn off wifi and 3G, temporarily use the network again. 

Deactive If you are worried do not rush, move on DFU and restore normal iOS 6.1.4. UDID as identifier codes of each iPhone, Add UDID is often manipulate the programmer to make an iPhone that add to the list of our test device, they can use it to develop software. 

Every time programmers of iPhone UDID added to the list which is updated at the same time Apple also their list. 

The problem is that you usually do not add UDID Subtle but pressing shift use from iOS 6 update to iOS beta 7 is always to bypass UDID check this step. 

This machine can help active normal operation without interest accounts programmers interested in what is UDID. 

Samsung Tablet Will Cut Because Of Low Sales

Samsung Tablet Will Cut Because Of Low Sales: The manufacturer has to Digitimes that Samsung has cut orders for components production line tablet 10.1 firm. 
Samsung Tablet Will Cut Because Of Low Sales
Raised This information will gradually restrict the Samsung production line This product sales due to too low compared with what it expects. 

Even when bulk discount Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, Tab 3 and Note 10.1 versions, the sales are still unsatisfactory. 

According to statistics which sold about 17 million tablets in the first half of this year but 70% of the size 7. 

Anyway, it seems that Samsung does not give up the big screen tablet segment. they still have the map of tablet news 10.1 tablet generation as well as 12. 

Digitimes sources also said the laptop market where Samsung will be the next to dominate after No. 1 in sales in the array of TV and phone.

Nokia Window Phone 1520 6 Inch Screen Reveal Photos

Nokia Window Phone 1520 6 Inch Screen Reveal Photos: Files of Windows Phone Central show, Nokia 1520 with 6 inch screen, 1080p resolution is next to a smaller Lumia. 
Nokia Window Phone 1520 6 Inch Screen Reveal Photos
This site does not provide much information about the forthcoming product.

Meanwhile, earlier this month, a source close to Nokia told The Verge that AT & T is testing a product code-named Bandit. The device has the same design as the photo.

Super large screen smartphone Nokia can use Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 4 cores, and is also the first Windows Phone to use Full HD screen. 

The information leaked on the big screen of your Nokia smartphone before all that, the company will introduce Lumia 1520. 

Sample devices compete with the Samsung Galaxy Note is expected to be available around November.

Last week, a tablet running Windows RT Nokia has leaked with HD display and a competitive price with the iPad.

iPhone Running iOS Beta 7 Is Apple

iPhone Running iOS Beta 7 Is Apple: iPhone 5 bikhoa Bring to a shop on Le Hong Phong, Vietnam Anh Nguyen said this morning when connected to Wi-Fi network, your machine was immediately deactivating. 
iPhone Running iOS Beta 7 Is Apple
Despite using many ways but Vietnam still does not turn up I used to be.

According to Ho Hai Minh, technicians specialize in iPhone, Apple is taking courses from iOS devices updated to iOS 6 beta 7 update by selecting shift without UDID step further. 

In the morning, his technical department have received from customers 4 devices with this phenomenon. Apple is taking active measures to stop the iPhone running iOS beta 7 is not registered in the list of its developers he explains Ming.

According to Minh, this is not worth worrying phenomenon, the user can switch the device on DFU restore back to iOS version 6.1.4 and used again. However, when restoring the machine, the device will lose all previous data.

To prevent this phenomenon, users can back up data in iTunes or through iCloud. To avoid locking devices installed iOS beta 7 is not the right way, as he Minh the user should temporarily disconnect the Internet connection such as Wi-Fi, 3G.

Add UDID is a process previously required for programmers to test before Apple's OS is in beta. UDID is offering iPhone, iPad. 

Test equipment to the list of application developers by signing up with Apple. However, many people when testing iOS 7 skipped this step proceed shift click to go to update the operating system is loaded on your computer.

Hacker Arrested FBI Selling Visit American Supercomputer

Hacker Arrested FBI Selling Visit American Supercomputer: A 24-year-old hacker in America now faces 18 months in jail after being arrested by the FBI while trying to sell access to information are two of the country's supercomputers. 
Hacker Arrested FBI Selling Visit American Supercomputer
With the name James Andrew Miller, the hackers had successfully hacked into the information system of many large companies such as American Express, Yahoo . Adobe, Google, WordPress and installed by hacking keyboard tracking software on the computers of employees of this company. 

In the case that Miller was arrested, the perpetrators wanted to sell access to FBI information management accounts of two supercomputer located at the Department of Computer Science Research under the U.S. Department of Energy. 

Miller demanded the FBI paid $ 50,000 for this deal and of course the FBI never spend that amount.

In the chat with the Secret Service Miller boasted that he had been accessing information supercomputers is due to hack into the system of a university in Japan, where the two are allowed to connect to this machine. 

Miller also served previously sold for FBI agents account access network Domino's Pizza stores and many other places the U.S. at a cost of over $ 2,200. 

The culprit was also revealed he can gain access to supercomputers at Harvard University and the University of California

Miller used the nickname Green to go online and he is a member of the hacker group Underground Intelligence Agency. 

One other hackers named Robert Intel Burns who became a witness for investigators since 2010 and has participated in UI A plays an important role in solving crimes because he introduced Miller the FBI agent.

In addition to 18 months jail, Miller will be monitored within 36 months and forced to compensate for the damage he held was hacked and violated. The amount of compensation has not been disclosed.

Dolphin Browser Exchange Events

Dolphin Browser Exchange Events: These browsers have good speed and sensitivity are also some unique features such as voice control data synchronization. 
Dolphin Browser nhatben popular browsers
All these features are designed to provide the best browsing experience on mobile. Upcoming Dolphin browser is expected to officially launch in Vietnam.

Dolphin representative will meet users directly in the city of Ho Chi Minh in Saigon Hub on the evening of Tuesday, September 3 at 6.30pm. 

Edith Yeung is the Vice President of International Business Development from Dolphin headquarters in San Francisco to participate in this event with us.

You can register to participate in this event .

Edith Yeung is the head of International Sales for Dolphin Browser nhatben popular browsers Tuesday on Android and iOS, is currently the only browser only gestures and voice activated state where and when is the # 1 free app good for iPhone and iPad by PC Magazine poll. 

China Telecom selected vaKDDI Dolphin is the only browser preloaded on their Android phones in China and Japan. 

Dolphin Browser has over 80 million installations worldwide and invested mobile browser is the first and only investment fund Sequoia. 

Previously, Edith has worked with companies such as AT & T Wireless, Oracle, Siebel, Autodesk, Telstra, etc. She often talked about mobile women and international business. 

She also founded Right Ventures, an investment fund that focuses on investing cloud computing and mobile applications.

Vivas Lotus S1 Smartphone

Vivas Lotus S1 Smartphone: This smartphone is the first Vietnamese brands are research design and development manufacturing in Vietnam. 
Vivas Lotus S1 Smartphone
Our products have been the Ministry of Information and Communications conformity certification in May 7/2013.

As representatives of VNPT Technology this is the first product in the product chain smartphone will be released in the near future.

Earlier, a number of technology companies in Vietnam such as FPT, Viettel. also launched the smartphone segment average. However, the Vietnamese brand products are manufactured in China.

Vivas Lotus S1 5 inch screen size, elegant design and well-being, 2 sim 2 waves, 2,200 mAh battery allows users to experience the full benefits of the line smartphones like modern movies, hearing music, download photos surf the web ... for a long time.

Product configuration is quite good as the speed of the processor 1 Ghz, 512 Mb RAM, 4GB of internal memory the main camera on the back 5 Megapixel, Micro SD card slot with a maximum capacity of 32 GB, the equipped with common connections such as 3G, WIFI, GPS and Bluetooth. Machines operating system Android 4.0.4.

In addition, S1 Lotus Vivas fully integrated online applications on Appstore VNPT allows users to easily access and experience of network applications such as mRadio, myRadio, Zoota, Alo TV.

Price of Lotus S1 Vivas is 3,900,000 VND, the warranty period is 12 months. The machine is supplied with attractive promotions with a total contract value of up to 2,210,000, which accounts VinaPhone sim worth VND 1,250,000.

The VNPT expectations with its strategy, the smart phone will become VNPT countries and products are exported to overseas markets.

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