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Story Of Most Anticipated Smartphone History

Story Of Most Anticipated Smartphone History: According to the latest rumors the new generation iPhone is forthcoming. 
Story Of Most Anticipated Smartphone History
Apple is expected to introduce the iPhone 5S on 10/9 here. iPhone is not the only phones in the world and the tech world eagerly awaiting customers. 

In addition to the iPhone and countless other products may also be honored however, is not empty and become blockbusters but instead to take life spray bomb.

Apple's iPhone has set a measure for all other smartphones. IPhone early form birth is 1/9/2007 after months of speculation. 

Bring on the pocket PC users building an empire on the application and create fever still simmering today. However, Apple's first smartphone was not rated because only slow EDGE network connection, call quality is bad.

Galaxy S4 showcase event attracted great attention from the world of technology especially when the Korean manufacturers spent more aggressive advertising budget than Apple iPhone and want to drown. 

Results on sales of S4 entirely as expected: S4 sold 10 million units in less than a month on the shelves.

First debuts 4/2013 received great attention because in the name of Facebook phone. However, it was a bitter disappointment for HTC and Facebook. 

The most notable is that it was built First of applications - Facebook Home interface, allowing users to access Facebook as soon as they open the machine. 

With mid-range camera, removable battery and memory card support equipment First is forgettable.

HTC Zara Mini At Just 210 USD

HTC Zara Mini At Just 210 USD: Following rumors of Zara model with 4.5 inch screen, quad-core chip and Sense 5.5 interface, a Chinese website has just posted images of a mini Zara is very eye-catching design.
HTC Zara Mini At Just 210 USD
It seems that HTC will launch Zara 2 different units.

This model has slightly rounded edges like the Lumia 620 nearly 10 mm thin and weighs 125 grams.

Product code name of the HTC 301e, owner parameters as 4.3 inch TFT screen resolution of 480 x 800 pixels, dual-core 1 GHz, 512 MB RAM and storage capacity of 8 GB.

HTC Zara mini camera used after 5 megapixel CMOS sensor capable of recording 720p video, running Android 4.1.2.

This will be a 2 SIM products with prices around 212 USD in China. The time of product launch international market has yet to be determined.

Many Phones With Sharp Decline In August

Many Phones With Sharp Decline In August: More than a year after selling out in Vietnam, Samsung Galaxy S3 still pretty good sales.
Many Phones With Sharp Decline In August
Samsung Galaxy S3 (down 1 million)

With this product has decreased $ 1 million, to 9.9 million, the product at the same price as the Lumia 920, LG Optimus G and Sony Xperia SP will encounter certain problems during the competition.

Galaxy S3 features a 4.8 inch screen high quality, sharp 8 megapixel camera and Touch Wiz UX Nature intelligent.

Before fell to approximately 10 million the Galaxy S3 has undergone a number of other price cuts starting point Galaxy S4 sold.

Sony Xperia ZR (down 1.5 million)

New sales markets from early July the waterproof handset from Sony has sharply discounted rates. Xperia ZR is a miniature version of the Xperia Z with beautiful design powerful configuration.

In Japan, this model is the best-selling smartphone of the Docomo network, than the iPhone 5, but in Vietnam, ZR not really impressed.

Compared with Xperia Z, ZR have better water resistant the back cover is also removable to replace the battery. Currently, the product is being sold for $ 12 million, genuine.

HTC One (down 400,000)

Since officially sold out in mid-May, this is the first high-end smartphone from HTC with a price adjustment. At $ 15.3 million, HTC One is priced lower than competitors like the Galaxy S4 or Sony Xperia Z.

Another noteworthy point is the 16GB HTC One recently sold in Vietnam market also declined from 14.5 million to 13.8 million.

After One, HTC will distribute the mini One in Vietnam in mid-September. This product has the same design of the One but for smaller screens low profile. Suggested price of the HTC One mini is 11.6 million.

Gear Galaxy Most Fuctions

Gear Galaxy Most Fuctions: Samsung will introduce at IFA 2013 with OLED touch screen 2.5 320x320 resolution, dual-core 1.5GHz processor, 1GB of RAM and 6GB or 8GB memory range depending version.
Gear Galaxy Most Fuctions
Followed by the information this morning about the software interface with the NFC controller Galaxy Gear will have Bluetooth 4.0 LE, accelerometer, 4MP camera 720p video recording and speaker on the strap.

Most significant information is battery life of this product for about 10 hours and runs a customized version of Android Jelly Bean. noted that this information is still just rumors not official.

BlackBerry Begins Official Website BBM For iOS And Android

BlackBerry Begins Official Website BBM For iOS And Android: BlackBerry has recently launched surprise official website refers to BBM as well as its characteristic features for iOS and Android. 
BlackBerry Begins Official Website BBM For iOS And Android
Accordingly, BBM on iOS and Android will be fully functional as the BlackBerry OS version it still has BBM Video with screen sharing capabilities BBM Voice phone calls BBM Connected apps associated with a of certain software helps us share with your friends on BBM more quickly. 

By accessing this website, you will see a small square box, this will be the email you enter early to receive the latest information about BBM for Android and iOS, or perhaps when you have BBM on both the founded on those who register will be given priority before use. 

Fact, a few minutes before appearing on the Web site, the BlackBerry has accidentally launched a website titled BBM For Android And iPhone Is Here accompanied by two function buttons. 

BBM BBM for iPhone and for Android. However, Canadian corporations have quickly removed and replaced on the website. 

Upcoming conference programming Blackberry Jam will take place in Hong Kong from 26th till 27th October 9, probably BBM for Android and iOS will be introduced here.

Archos Reveals Smartphones And Tablet Ahead IFA

Archos Reveals Smartphones And Tablet Ahead IFA: Archos Reveals Smartphones And Tablet Ahead IFA Archos recently unveiled a tablet computer and telephone to prepare for the new IFA 2013 event will take place next week. 
Archos Reveals Smartphones And Tablet Ahead IFA
First, the series Platinum will have its new members 97B Titanium HD is equipped with aluminum housing, IPS screen resolution of 2048 x 1536 and runs Android 4.2. 

Next tablet called 101xs2 is a hybrid product because it can be attached by magnets to the base keypad and transform into a laptop when needed. 

Archos says 101xs2 will run on quad-core processor, HD IPS screen, front camera later two stereo speakers, more powerful configuration, the brother 101xs launched last year . 

All of the above devices are available app store Google Play . Not only that, Archos is also preparing to roll out a new generation of ChildPad the tablet looks and interface design for children them. 

It says that the machine will own repositories Google Play of the machine will be filtered with the content appropriate for children, along with features that help parents control their children's use of tablet-based Android 4.2. There is also a 101 Childpad is designed to shorten a distance between the digital world with the physical world by using the small audience magnet. 

It is unclear how the effects of it. For gamers, ahead of this year's IFA, Archos has unveiled a gamepad 2 to replace the gamepad 1 is sold on the market. It is a tablet form with integrated handle gaming on the camera body and is compatible with thousands of the latest titles. 

Series Archos Xenon then added three new products with HD screen, dual-core or quad-core chip, runs Android 4.2 and 3G connectivity. 

On this occasion, Archos introduced more new products in the line smartphone is the new Oxygen next two Platinum and Titanium series is. 

The Archos 50 oxygen will use Full-HD screen with IPS panel, chip quad-core processor clocked at 1.5 GHz, 16GB internal memory, 13MP primary camera, secondary camera is 5MP and Android 4.2 preinstalled. 

The Titanium line of products, there are more low profile only two processors, 5MP main camera, 0.3 MP secondary camera. All these smartphones are running Android interface original and attested from Google. 

Archos says that the configuration and detailed information on the above equipment will be announced more in the future. It will also provide an IFA wristwatch prototype smart unique. Subtlety will continue to update the latest information for you.

Opera 16 Web Browser Based On Chromium 29 Engine

Opera 16 Web Browser Based On Chromium 29 Engine: Bring to a lot of new changes this version will support HTML5 on desktop protocol smoother operation along with the added utility W3C Geolocation API. 
Opera 16 Web Browser Based On Chromium 29 Engine
It allows you to standardize an interface to get information about the geographic location of the device such as the fact that it can be used on sites like Foursquare to services that can help identify locations easier.

In addition, the stable version of Opera 16 for Windows and Mac OS will bring features like before such as form autofill, full screen mode on Mac computers and jump list helps the better on Windows. 

In addition, other features such as Speed ​​Dial, Stash, Discover, Off-Road will also be added to upgrade the browser can work in the best way.

There are also two versions related to early use Chromium, Opera 16 will be added to the utility and chrome.history chrome.cookies are utility API appeared in Opera 15 but not only that, the session. 

This new version also provides for the development of more utility models to help them build the equivalent of processing tools and Opera version 16 also showed a clear break away from the utility limit 6 appear on the browser interface.

Reportedly, since switching from Presto engine to operate starting Chromium platform version of Opera 15, far more than 300 extensions support for this version and then another in which also includes many of today's popular service is Evernote, Pocket, Yandex, Pinterest, LastPass and Feedly.

Continue to develop your roadmap, earlier this month, Opera has released version browser developed by Opera first Chromium 17 to the 30, promises to bring back pin tab feature as Opera on 12 and many other improvements.

Second Largest Market Of Opera Mini 4

Second Largest Market Of Opera Mini 4: Talking Hodiny he said, Vietnam is home to the largest Opera Mini user of seventeenth worldwide and fourth in Asia, after India Indonesia and China.
Second Largest Market Of Opera Mini 4
The reason is that in the past year efforts deployed 3G infrastructure the data package fits pockets and smart phones suitable budget in Vietnam has fueled the growth of Web access from smartphone users of Opera Mini especially Android devices.

During 1 year, from 7/2012 to 7/2013 Opera Mini users on smartphones has increased 142%.

The rapid growth of the Android operating system has taken the mobile platforms become the second largest Opera Mini user community in Vietnam.

The latest data we showed that Vietnam Opera Mini users increased by 211% on Android and the Android web page views increased 465% over the same period last year he said Ivollex Hodiny.

On this occasion Opera officially announced the partnership Monday with partners in Vietnam, which is Vinaphone. 

Accordingly, VinaPhone also officially launched the data package unlimited browsing of the first network in Vietnam.

Customers only need to pay 2,000 dong a day to be able to unlimited browsing via Opera Mini browser, download files or watch live video free.

Currently, Opera Mini mobile browser is a fast and stable, has attracted more than 230 million users worldwide regardless of the ordinary telephone lines or smart phones and PC .

In Vietnam, the number of people using Opera Mini on Android up 211%, contributing to the total number of Opera Mini users on smartphones up to 76%.

Facebook Fanpage Use Assessment Results Like Contest

Facebook Fanpage Use Assessment Results Like Contest: Facebook has updated its terms of use allowing businesses and brands to use their fanpage to create promotions and contests easier. 
Facebook Fanpage Use Assessment Results Like Contest
A special feature is the Facebook management support number of people like comment to summarize results.

Previously contests, promotions manager with apps only, now Facebook has removed it. Currently users can completely manage the site and the application Timelines Facebook .

The program is organized on Facebook will be the number of support like comment send messages to the page so that as the vote share. 

A given tool enables post export data help summarize the results simpler. This tool is still in the testing phase errors occur for a number of languages.

It is worth noting that on the fanpage competitions require players to tag your friends in such a condition is valid, and help spread the competition is higher. 

But Facebook has banned the use of this method fanpage.

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