Saturday, 15 March 2014

Xperia Firmware C6802 Ultra Z

Xperia Firmware C6802 Ultra Z: Xperia Z Ultra sold out with a firmware is not complete and lacks many features as introduced by Sony not sure why companies do this but at least now users are eagerly waiting for a firmware last.

Recently shared a new firmware code 14.1.B.1.510  newer version currently on the Ultra Z.

It is not clear if this is not the final finishing but I still try to install something new to see. Recommends that you should not install this rom because anyway it is by no means an official Sony launched.

Upon installation, the computer has tried phenomenon occasionally reboot itself, if used continuously okay, off the screen so it will not restart it is not clear due to machine error or is this firmware.

In return, the speed is quite fast and very smooth operating machine it seems the font has been changed slightly.

Other details are similar to what Sony was advertising especially the appearance of the feature X-Reality for Mobile . In case you still want to try, then please refer to the following guidelines:

Ultra flash firmware using FlashTool to Z, reference using FlashTool here: Installation and user manual FlashTool .

Here are the details on the new features in this firmware 14.1.B.1.510. There are certain things that the official firmware for Sony's upcoming Ultra Z will be updated with this information.

It is not clear how long the new firmware will be but with the emergence of the time this is probably also the official launch very soon.

Some new updates: Had X-Reality for Mobile Keyboard support Vietnamese, supported by one hand manipulation conductive support Vietnamese characters with PS3 Support handles noise reduction microphone speaker volume increase and reducing the speed of said at the other end better battery optimization can trigger My Xperia Some other pictures

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