Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Microsoft Next Generation Surface 2 Showcase

Microsoft Next Generation Surface 2 Showcase: Already over half of July, but about the next generation of Surface have not seen anywhere although. 

It had information that Microsoft will introduce a machine in June .

Recently, sources tell Fudzilla Surface 2 MS is still being developed is expected to launch this fall probably in September or 10 for 1 year anniversary of Windows 8 release date.

Still unknown is how much will the Surface 2 but Fudzilla says there is a version for chip Tegra 4 chips instead of Nvidia Snapdragon 600/800 of Qualcomm as some other rumors.

Because the ARM chip uses so the Surface will use Windows RT 8.1 while the Pro will probably still use Intel's chips.

Surface RT 2 will be integrated by connecting LTE chip Icera 500 chip fitted inside the Tegra 4.

Maybe we should wait for some more time to meet the next generation of Microsoft Surface.

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